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समाधिभावनार्थः क्लेशतनूकरणार्थश्च॥२॥

तस्यापि निरोधे सर्वनिरोधान्निर्वीजः समाधिः॥५१॥

[129] White mentions controversies in regards to the Yoga Sutras.[122] A significant minority of Students, notes White for example, believes that Vyasa lived a number of generations immediately after Patanjali and his "Hindu-izing" commentary subverted Yoga Sutras' original "Buddhist" teachings; although The bulk scholarly see disagrees with this check out.[one hundred thirty]

रूपलावण्यबलवज्रसंहननत्वानि कायसम्पत्॥४६॥

 अभावप्रत्ययालम्बना वृत्तिर्निद्रा॥१०॥

उदानजयाज्जलपङ्ककण्टकादिष्वसङ्ग उत्क्रान्तिश्च॥३९॥

जातिदेशकालव्यवहितानामप्यानन्तर्यं स्मृतिसंस्कारयोरेकरूपत्वात्॥९॥

क्लेशकर्मविपाकाशयैरपरामृष्टः पुरुषविशेष ईश्वरः॥२४॥

One more divergence from Samkhya is the fact while the Samkhya holds that expertise is the implies to liberation, Patañjali's Yoga insists over the methods of concentration and active striving.

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(There are 2 types of brings about for Nirvījasamādhi --a Samādhi without an object to meditate on--: "upāyapratyaya" --the psychological condition which is the end result of the mindful effort by utilizing a technique-- and "bhavapratyaya" --the mental problem that may be the outcome of latent impressions of ignorance--.

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